Brandon Collins

As Director of Internal Operations, Brandon has a wealth of experience in conducive workflow providing accuracy and systematic approaches to all projects alike. Brandon’s primary focus is to lead the Indiana Regional Center to cater personal experiences, responsiveness, productivity and results.

Born in Indiana, Brandon has lived his entire life here. He has firsthand experience of the “ins and outs” of Indiana, and a vision of where Indiana is heading.

Brandon’s educational background is in Nursing, Business and Computer Design With extensive experience in the medical sector providing direct hands-on-care to the geriatric community, he has learned to address client’s needs with empathy and compassion. His multidimensional experience has helped him develop the ability to understand complexities of a person’s needs and deliver a hospitality that can be lost in today’s rapid moving climate.

Brandon has over 3 years’ experience navigating through the complexities of the United States Citizenship an Immigration Services. Specializing in Unlawful Presence Waiver’s, Brandon’s work ethic is thorough ensuring details or communicated effectively.

Brandon is also an avid fitness enthusiast competing in several amateur cross-fit competitions. He works hard and does not give up. This translates to his work ethic and personal life. If you ask Brandon for help, he will not refuse.

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