Lloyd H. (Reb) Gooding

Reb has extensive business and consulting experience. He is a master strategist who is adept at aiding organizations in clearly defining their vision for the future and in developing the strategy best suited for their situation.

He thrives in complex situations. He is skilled at aiding organizations to quickly identify and focus on key issues, to think into the future, see implications, and chart a course of appropriate actions. He is an expert at helping organizations develop and evaluate alternative approaches and choose the strategy best suited for their situation.

His international consulting background and his management experience in the automotive industry provide a basis to tailor unique processes for clients that focus on understanding, asset alignment, lean management systems, implementation, and ultimately improved organizations. He focuses organizations to think and act strategically and to develop solid implementation plans with effective follow-up systems.

President of Direction Associates Inc., an international business strategy, organization alignment, and business improvement consulting firm.
Over 20 years of consulting experience in business, technical, marketing, and manufacturing areas
Over 20 years of varied management experiences gained while working for General Motors.
Developed the strategy and led implementation to build a business from $10 to $200 million in four years
Led a $500 Million global business.
Improved market strategy, direction, and business systems at numerous companies.
Developed strategic direction and lean implementation system for major automotive suppliers in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, and North America.
Developed Global Integration Plan for European and North American Conglomerates
Implemented lean improvements at state government agencies.
Serves on the Advisory Board for $100 M company.
Co-authored the book: Transforming Strategy into Success: How to Implement a Lean Management System.

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