Rodney Shine

Rodney Shine is Deputy Treasurer -CFO for the Marion County Treasurer’s Office. His duties include directing county investments, managing the accounting and cashiering teams, and controlling the agencies budget. Rodney is chair of the IT Administration and Finance Functional Group. He served as Audit Manager for the Department of Audit and Performance, prior to becoming Deputy Treasurer.
Rodney was born the son of a Marine in Honolulu, Hawaii. He later graduated from John Marshall High School in Cleveland, OH. Mr. Shine earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics Management from Ohio Wesleyan University.

He was recently nominated as a 2020 Mayor’s Performance Award finalist for his achievements in directing investments for the counties 280-million-dollar portfolio.

Rodney is an avid sport fan and serves as Vice Chairman for United Soccer Alliance of Indiana (USAI) which is one of the largest soccer clubs in the state of Indiana.

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