Ingrid Aviléz

Director of International Relations

Ingrid Aviléz is a diverse and multifaceted entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author. In her career, Ingrid has contributed abundant knowledge and ingenuity in the development of numerous business ventures. Well-rounded in the areas of business development, Ingrid has served a multitude of private corporations including industries in the consumer goods and services, industrial and manufacturing, and health sectors. Additionally, Ingrid has considerable experience in the areas of corporate and immigration law, including employment-based immigration. In her former years, Ingrid functioned in elected leadership roles in non-for-profit organizations and successfully executed initiatives ensuring their longevity for social cause.

As a dual national, Ingrid considers herself a citizen of the world. Ingrid is disciplined in the field of social sciences and an insatiable aspirant of knowledge. Ingrid is fascinated by culture, history, and the arts. A connoisseur of fine arts, Ingrid is also a practicing musician, photographer, and designer.

Ingrid Avilez