Hiring foreign nationals to fulfill your business needs

As an employer in Indianapolis, you know what your company needs to thrive and flourish. When it comes to hiring, sometimes seeking foreign nationals from your industry is the best route to fulfilling your business goals. Navigating the current immigration environment in the United States may feel like an obstacle, but there are still productive, reasonable ways to do the hiring you need.

The current administration’s policies on immigration continue to foster a confusing and often fluctuating atmosphere, but legal experts can help employers and their potential hires overcome the continued challenges.

Finding the right visa or work authorization

Depending on the industry and employment need, various visas or work authorizations may be options for your potential hires. The candidate’s set of skills, education level, country of origin and the intended role in your company all affect which visa or authorization will be the best option. Your company may help a candidate qualify for visas if they are:

  • Professionals with higher education degrees
  • Potential investors
  • Switching from an international branch of the company
  • Individuals with extraordinary abilities
  • Temporary workers with a set end date
  • Other visitors to the business

Determining which visa or work authorization is best for a potential candidate can be a complicated and convoluted process. If an employee seeks the incorrect form, this can delay or even derail the hiring process and cause undue burden on the business, employer and fellow employees.

Longevity of the position

One major factor involved in determining the correct visa or authorization is the amount of time the employee will spend in the country in this capacity. Temporary, or non-immigrant, workers enter the U.S. for a set amount of time with a specified end date. This form of work authorization must follow predetermined guidelines, but may be the best option if the business needs to fill a temporary role.

Permanent workers often need to meet additional requirements and may take a more detailed, drawn-out process. Not only will the company need to prove they can’t fill this need with domestic workers, the foreign national’s role also can’t have a negative effect on domestic wages and opportunities for U.S. workers.

The process of seeking work authorization for foreign nationals can be a complicated process, which is why is it crucial that your company utilize legal expertise throughout this process. Your business needs to fill a role with the right candidate, and that may mean hiring from outside the U.S. Don’t let a complicated immigration process derail the needs of your business.

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