Reducing wait times for green cards for Indians

Individuals from India who want to obtain a green card so that they can stay in Indiana or other states face the longest wait times compared to migrants from other countries. The reason for this is a quota system that caps the number of green cards given to each country at 7 percent of the total. This is despite the fact that Indians make up about 80 percent of all employment-based applicants. An independent congressional research group says this problem could be eliminated by simply removing the cap.

According to advocate groups, lifting the per-county cap would benefit both qualified Indians seeking permanent residency and companies who need their talent. The current system causes a lot of instability and stress for these migrants, but a more fair system would end the discrimination they face when trying to earn residency. On the employer side, the tech industry would likely benefit the most from this change.

Under the current system, many believe H-1B recipients from India are being exploited while in the country. One reason for this is that workers who receive employment-based LPR status are unable to change companies. This leaves them vulnerable to exploitative practices. Critics of the plan to remove the per-country cap argue that H-1B applicants from India would benefit but migrants from all other countries, except for China, would likely suffer.

Individuals or families going through the employment-based immigration process may benefit from the support and guidance of a lawyer. The U.S. immigration system can be very complex and unforgiving, so having a professional to help navigate the process may be very helpful. It’s the responsibility of an attorney to keep up with changes to quotas and other aspects of the immigration system so that they can adapt their legal strategies.

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